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“Hydrocarbon Consulting excels in optimization challenges and consistently provided value and insight to management.” Marlon S. – Director, large gas and liquids hydrocarbon transportation company in North America.

Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Outperforming your competitors in the oil and gas industry can take on many initiatives. Companies are looking for answers to questions such as:

  • Who are your competitor’s and why are they performing better than you?
  • Why do they have a lower cost?
  • Why do they seem to have cost leadership by continuously improving operational efficiency?

No matter where your company is starting from, or what part of the hydrocarbon value chain your company provides goods and services, we can help you with your business transformation initiatives. Below are a few examples. Contact us to discuss your unique situation.

Business Transformation Solutions in the Oil and Gas Industry

Business transformation is about driving towards a significant step change in performance from where your company is today. Transformation means to employ several strategies integrated together which result in cost leadership and margin improvements. Hydrocarbon Consulting has global experience to work with your team to deploy several strategies to achieve margin improvements across your value chain. Transformation initiatives can include:

  • Assess your current supply chain performance which results in a gap analysis and benefits case to enable transformation change across the hydrocarbon value chain, with a focus on customer service excellence, cost leadership and execution focus
  • Assess your existing and new asset performance to improve capital efficiency, revenue enhancement, cost savings, and asset utilization
  • Strategic and operational flexibility to manage market disruptions
  • Optimization and simulation solutions across the hydrocarbon value chain
  • Multi-plant synergies and market strategies
  • Remove silos between divisions, within divisions, and improve information flow between business operations, vendors and partners

Enterprise performance management systems with KPI agreement and development, business process design and implementation, and training and knowledge transfer and continuous improvement goals

Upstream Solutions

  • Hydrocarbon loss control projects
  • Inventory planning, scheduling, and optimization
  • Transportation planning, scheduling, and optimization

Midstream Solutions

  • Supply chain optimization of pipelines, terminals, and distribution systems
  • Transportation optimization
  • Batch scheduling to reduce conflicts, improve quality, save costs, and reduce shutdowns
  • Hydrocarbon loss control projects

Refining Solutions

  • Crude oil analysis and purchase strategies
  • Gasoline blending giveaway
  • Improve cooperation and performance with regional refiners and distributors
  • Hydrocarbon loss control projects

Downstream Solutions

  • Holistic optimization of multiple refineries
  • Short and long-term planning and scheduling
  • Synergy development between refining and marketing
  • Delivery, singings, revenue. and expanded brand eminence

Integrated Solutions

  • Integrated value chain planning and scheduling
  • Requirements gathering cross border mergers: refining, terminals, pipelines and distribution systems

Your situation and project needs are unique, and we’d like to learn more about you and your company challenges. If you’re ready, let’s start with a conversation. Want to learn more? Discover how we’ve helped people like you gain competitive advantage and realize impressive ROI.

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