Hydrocarbon Consulting ROI from 10% to 1,600%

“Hydrocarbon Consulting is a results-oriented organization with a pragmatic approach when working on engagements, they’re always seeking to deliver value.” Steve E. – independent consultant oil and gas industry consultant.

You expect to realize ROI from consulting engagements. You also need a consulting team that can work quickly and find the highest value wins. Below are a few examples of how we’ve helped companies like yours in the oil and gas industry. Contact us if you’re ready to realize ROI like these…

Large Independent Refiner: ROI: 75% – $88+M in Savings Over 4+ Years

This large regional integrated oil and gas company in central Europe was struggling with siloed organizational structure, antiquated management techniques, and inevitable poor results. They were actively fighting a hostile takeover. They needed a complete supply chain overhaul. Every aspect of their value chain was evaluated and improved. Upstream exploration and production. Midstream planning and pricing of crude oil, optimization of refining and distribution. Downstream retail, wholesale, and direct client collaboration and integration.

The consulting team worked from the top of the organization structure down. They built trust and agreement with executives and senior managers alike. Business improvement projects included performance management, process improvement, technology integration, and change management. The company achieved $100M in savings. Today the company is a pacesetter and one of the most profitable refining companies in the region.

Refiner: ROI 675% – $120M in Savings Over 2.5 Years

This project was for the largest independent refiner in the US. At the time, their Solomon rating was in the 3rd and 4th quartile. Their goal was to achieve pacesetter $2/bbl. margins in four years.

Business improvement projects included data consistency, integration, DPI performance management integration, business process improvement, and organization design. Achieved $1.18 margin in two years and $120M in 2.5 years.

Large Integrated Oil Company: ROI 250% – $50M in Savings

This Canadian oil company had no idea what their hydrocarbon levels were at any given time.

The project included the design and implementation of a new organization for long term planning and inventory management. Business improvement projects included organization charter, data analysis, KPI development, end-state processes, change management, and training.  Resulted in $50 M in savings.

Midstream-Downstream Oil Company: ROI 1,240% – $65M in Savings

This company was the largest liquids hydrocarbon transportation company in the world, and they were drowning in customer complaints and low service levels. Oil shipments weren’t arriving on time, and they couldn’t reliably predict when oil would be ready to ship. Competitors were closing in.

The project included pipeline, scheduling, and planning optimization, business analytics, functional requirement development, business process improvement, updating systems and tools, client portal, implementing KPIs and organization change management and training. Resulted in savings of $65M.

Your results will be unique to your situation, and we’d like to learn more about the issues you’re facing. Are you ready? Let’s set up a call to get started. Or, you can explore our transparent consulting engagement approach.

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