A Simple, Transparent Approach to Oil & Gas Consulting

“Hydrocarbon Consulting have a team of outstanding business professionals with extensive global experience. Their team exhibits a very high level of interpersonal skills that are essential to running projects.” Tomasz R. — Senior manager, leading global equipment and software company.

Proven Approach for Guaranteed Results.

You need wins… fast — without sacrificing long-term strategic opportunities. That’s why we designed our consulting approach to be simple, and to get you results fast. At the same time, we’ll keep you informed of strategic wins that you may not have considered. Our three-phased approach, on average, is complete in four to seven months. If you’d like to begin a discussion about your specific engagement, contact us now.

Pre-Assessment AnalysisPhase 0

Assessment & DiscoveryPhase 1

Solution Design & ImplementationPhase 2

Sustainability & AuditPhase 3

Phase Zero – Pre-Assessment

We’ll begin with a initial discovery call. We want to learn about your business goals and strategic market position. What are the specific challenges you’re facing? We’ll gather some general information and data about your plants, divisions, the complexity of your processes, and the size and makeup of your teams. We will schedule for the Assessment & Discovery during this call.

Your opportunities to capture value could be upstream, midstream, or downstream. At a strategic, operational, vendor, or partner level. Our experience in the oil and gas industry will help uncover the best solutions for your company, division, business unit, operating plant, department.

Phase One – Assessment & Discovery

Next, we’ll conduct an assessment (typically one to three weeks) at your location. We’ll work with you to:

  • Uncover the root causes of your business challenges
  • Analyze/Review your data to understand the gaps and benefits
  • Conduct meetings with select team members and field observations for key areas and processes.

We want to help you understand:

  • What money are you leaving on the table that your competitors are not?
  • And what’s the size of the prize (your opportunity for ROI realization)?

At the end of phase one, you’ll receive a process gap map and a summary of financial benefits. We’ll provide you with your projected ROI and project timeline.

At the end of phase one, you’ll receive a report on our observations from discovery. The report includes a data analysis report and process map with gap analysis and benefits, as well as a prioritized list of areas on which to focus for the highest levels of ROI.

At this point, we’ll discuss how you want to move forward. There may be parts of the project scope your team can undertake on their own, and parts you prefer that Hydrocarbon Consulting leads for you.

Phase Two – Solution Design & Implementation

The first part of phase two is to dig deeper into your data and unique business challenges.

To get you the highest possible value from your project, we’ll analyze your systems and tools, processes, and people. We’ll look for:

  • Where are you losing money?
  • Where can you make process improvements?
  • Can improvements can you make to your systems and tools?
  • Which behavior adjustments can make your teams work better?

How can you optimize your supply chain and transform it into an oil and gas value chain?

Together, we’ll agree on the final solution design for the project. Then, we’ll work with you, your operations and executive teams, to implement the solution. You’ll have an experienced team working with you, side-by-side, to help you reach your goals and realize your potential ROI.

Your business challenges and solutions are unique. Rest assured, we’ve implemented business improvement solutions across the oil and gas value chain.

Phase Three – Sustainability & Assessment

You need solutions that stick.

Out third phase ensures the sustainability of your solution.

Throughout the project, we’ll be training your team. Together, we’ll document your processes and best practices. Your teams will be prepared to build on their success.

Six months into your new solution, we’ll conduct a post-project assessment. You’ll receive a scorecard and recommended action plan (if needed). It’s is our mission to make sure you realize annualized benefits year-in and year-out.

Business Performance Improvement Strategies for Oil and Gas Companies

Our team has experience assessing, selecting, and implementing business performance improvement projects for strategic competitive advantage, operational optimization, systems and tools, and workforce functional areas.

At a project level, we can prepare:

  • Benefits case and project justification reports
  • Business requirements gathering and functional specifications
  • Best practices methodologies and business process design
  • Project plans and project management in multi-cultural environments
  • Improvement sustainability and continuous improvement plans

Hydrocarbon Consulting, Inc. teams have the experience to help you with:

Strategic Business Solutions

  • Business advisory services (Board and C-Suite mentoring)
  • Strategic vision consulting
  • Performance and working capital management consulting
  • Organizational design to meet long-term strategic vision initiatives
  • Business transformation analysis and implementation
  • Performance management work streams, KPIs, and dashboard to improve decision making
  • Balanced scorecards with data consistency across all assets
  • Data mining and data assessments

Operational Business Solutions

  • Operational dashboards and scorecards
  • Long term planning – strategic and operational
  • Inventory management optimization
  • Demand optimization
  • Production scheduling optimization
  • Vendor and partner portals with performance data and dashboards
  • Asset analytics
  • Bottleneck analysis
  • Total Quality Management programs and projects
  • Business process improvement initiatives
  • International business development and sales

Systems and Tools Solutions

  • Data analysis including single-source-of-truth consolidation and harmonization of data, and data governance structure and processes
  • Supply chain management cockpit/war room structure and implementation
  • RFI / RFP and other proposal support and advice
  • End-to-end digital transformation consulting
  • IT implementation support
  • Software evaluations

Workforce Solutions

  • Cross-functional leadership teams and collaboration processes
  • High-performance team development and coaching
  • Change management training
  • Continuous learning agility development
  • Training program development and implementation
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Cross-functional knowledge sharing groups
  • Compensation and reward system analysis and improvement

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