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“Gerald Madore founder of Hydrocarbon Consulting is an outstanding business professional with extensive global experience, as both an executive and consultant in the oil and gas industry.” Darrell R. — Founder/principal of oil and gas consulting company.

Your time and project budgets are limited. You need consultants who listen and understand your unique business situation, execute solutions, deliver results, and who are a fit for your team and culture. The first phase of our consulting approach, discovery, and assessment is designed to ensure there is a there is an opportunity or benefits case that is agreed to by you. Our experienced consultants are selected based on your unique project needs. Since 2002 Hydrocarbon Consulting, Inc. has helped companies in global oil and gas industry. We have a robust team as well as a community of partners to solve your business challenges.

Gerald Madore, Founder, Hydrocarbon Consulting

Gerald Madore has worked with more than 30 companies in the oil and gas industry. His value-based approach has achieved ROIs of 10% to 1,600% throughout the hydrocarbon supply chain: upstream, midstream, and downstream (refining, logistics, terminals, and retail).

Gerald has held significant senior consulting roles including Associate Partner, Advisor, and Global Consultant for Trindent Consulting and Resources2 Energy, LLC; Associate Partner, Global C&P CoC Lead for Chemical, Downstream and Midstream Industries, IBM; Senior Principal Consultant and Project Manager in the Oil & Gas Industry at Price Waterhouse.

Gerald’s industry roles include operations superintendent, transfer and shipping, as well as planning and economic manager at Sun Refining and Marketing Company. Senior process and startup engineer at Stearns Roger Engineering. Production engineer, production and commissioning engineer at Soho Alaska Petroleum Company. And project manager, pipeline construction, commissioning, operation and planning engineering at Dome Petroleum and Gulf Oil Corporation.

While primarily focused in the oil and gas industry, he also has experience with manufacturing and fertilizer industry business process improvement projects.

Gerald holds a Master of Business Administration, major in Corporate Strategy and Consulting, from Stephen M. Ross School of Business, in Ann Arbor, MI. He also holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical and Petroleum Refining Engineering from Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado

Gerald is certified in Crosby Associates Total Quality Management (TQM) and has certificates in change management methodology, instruction, and facilitation from PwC.

Gerald’s founding values are hard-work, truth, logic, and getting to point. He currently resides in Arizona, USA, and continues to travel to client sites around the world.

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