Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry

Complexity and risk are inherent in the oil and gas industry; from raw material extraction to end-product sales. The hydrocarbon supply chain has challenges at (and in-between) every node.

As global pressures and competition increase, oil and gas companies must find long-term sustainable advantages.
Cost-lowering strategies continue to be successful, however, many executives are searching for additional ways to differentiate their products and services.

This differentiation comes from transforming your business by focusing on every step in the hydrocarbon value-chain and by examining opportunities for organizational and process improvement.
In the era of changing customer behaviors, demands, and technology, companies in the oil and gas industry must address how they use their value chains to deliver products and value-added services. Those services must be superior to all of a customer’s other choices — for the end-customer as well as each customer within the supply chain.

To be the best (and to remain competitive), you must be able to predict, rapidly respond, and communicate changes and disruptions across the hydrocarbon value chain. You must focus on how you respond, and how trade-offs affect each customer, at each node of the value chain.

In addition to developing your value chain, you also have to address traditional challenges and risks…

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